How to Parent More Effectively

1. How to Boost your child's Self-Esteem As babies, children develop a sense of self when they look at their parents. Your tone of voice and body language are all absorbed...

8 Happiness Tips for New Parents

Advice for Parents New to the Family Many people offer baby tips and tricks for parents to get the job done. Trust me, you'll be in need of them! Here's something...

The Best Parenting Advice you’ve ever Received

You get lots of parenting advice when you become a parent. Some of the advice is outdated ("Mom! I'm sorry, but you allowed me to sleep in a drawer,...

6 Tips to Improve Your Parenting Skills

Raising children is not easy. It's one of the most difficult and frustrating things you will ever have to do. This is because you are constantly learning. Nobody goes into...

Do I need a Moses basket and stand?

Moses baskets are designed for babies when they first come home and need their own space in your room. They are designed as a scaled down cot to...

The Rights of Parents

The idea that individuals have rights springs from the vulnerability of every human being in the face of stronger forces. Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are based...

The Good Parent Divorce

Your children have come into this world because of the two of you. Perhaps you two made lousy choices as to whom you decided to be the other...

How To Be An Amazing Parent

No matter what your amazing life is right now or will become later you will encounter children. Even though you may decide not to have children yourself, I'm...

Understanding Hostile Aggressive Parenting Behavior Used to Sever the Parent-Child Relationship

When I first married, I didn't realize there was a 50 percent chance that my marriage would end in divorce. During our marriage, we had a child and...

What Exactly Is a Parenting Coordinator?

What is Parenting Coordination you ask? While it is tempting to give a quick definition based upon the Florida legislative vision of what it is supposed to be,...
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